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Private Online 'Ukulele Lessons

via Zoom video teleconferencing 


I am currently accepting students at all levels from beginner to advanced. Lessons may focus on but are not limited to:

  • Building a strong technical foundation of techniques using classical methods that will drastically improve overall playing

  • Effective practice strategies

  • Improving overall tone, sound, and playing approach

  • Learning how to improvise 

  • Learning finger-style playing (my specialty)

  • Learning how to make basic arrangements

  • Music theory that is directly applied to the 'ukulele 

  • A wide variety of chord variations, chord melodies, and chord substitutions

  • Learning effective performance skillsets

  • Help with learning/playing (almost) any song

  • 'Ukulele advice! 


FREE Consultation 

In this initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and determine the best ways I can help you reach them. We will also discuss your preferred format for lessons - see below for details. Consultations last approximately 20 minutes. 

Lesson Format Choices (45min Lessons)

1. Mika's Choice (most popular!) - Based on our initial consultation, I will create a personalized lesson plan that focuses on improving your overall playing.

2. Student-Driven: I will work with you on a lesson-to-lesson basis, meaning we can focus on anything you desire during each lesson. This choice is more for "advanced" students that want to focus on one specific skill or technique at a time.

*Currently, I am prioritizing long-term students who are able to commit weekly or bi-weekly for lessons. I also do not teach low-g 'ukulele (my apologies, I'm primarily a high-g focused player!)


Pricing & Payment

Please contact me directly for pricing.

Payment transactions are completed through an invoice that I will send to your email using Square (U.S.) or PayPal (International). This invoice will be sent at least one day prior to your lesson and payment shall be paid before the start of the lesson. A 3.5% service fee will be included with all invoices. 

Hawai'i Students: Hawaii's GE Tax (4.712%) will be added to lesson costs.

International Students: I will send an invoice with PayPal. Please note that payments are made in USD (which means pricing will depend on your currency exchange rate to the USD).



— Steve B.

Mika is a phenomenal ukulele player who is also an excellent ukulele teacher. The best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a number.  He’s really passionate about teaching, particularly teaching the ukulele. That’s one of the reasons he’s so good at it. Mika’s patient and a very good listener. He’s always underscoring for me the importance of getting the basics right while showing me how to build on them to make me a better player. This is probably why he’s so sought after by students with a broad range of skills and experience. That’s the mark of a great teacher and that’s what Mika is.


Can’t be more pleased.

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