Private Online Ukulele Lessons

Aloha! I am pleased to announce that I am offering private ukulele lessons through Zoom!

Lesson Details

Currently, I will teach at any level of playing. My specialities include:


- Improving your overall tone and sound

- Learning music theory that applies directly to 'ukulele (thanks to my Bachelors Degree!)

- Effective right and left hand techniques (including strumming and picking)

- Being able to play all types of chords and its variations

- Being able to teach *almost* any song you want to learn how to play on the ukulele

- Coaching on any song you need help working on

- Learning various classical style technique, not commonly found on the 'ukulele, that will overall help you become a better, more efficient 'ukulele player


I can also work alongside with you on your own personal goals. It will be of tremendous help if you know what your goals are and what you want to accomplish prior to the start of lessons, but these are things that we can discuss as well. If all of this sounds great, then you can check out my musical background below along with pricing details :) 

- 'Ukulele player for 13 years:

  • Started off learning from three of my friends in school during 7th - 8th grade

  • Self-taught from 8th - 12th grade

  • Studied Classical Guitar under Ian O'Sullivan for (2) years as a Freshman/Sophomore at The University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Studied intensively under Dr. Byron Yasui for (6) years from 2015 to current, mostly classical style and some jazz

  • Worked with Bryan Tolentino on musical awareness and playing in a group setting for (6) years from 2015 to current


- Bachelors in Music with 'Ukulele Focus (University of Hawaii at Manoa Fall 2018)


- Masters in Educational Foundations (University of Hawaii at Manoa Spring 2021)


- Current 'Ukulele lecturer at Windward Community College on Oahu, HI


- 'Ukulele Teacher at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility for 3 years (and still going!) 

- Sponsored Kamaka 'Ukulele Artist (check out my profile here on their website)


- Received the prestigious Hawaii State Foundation on the Culture and Arts Grant Apprenticeship in Hawaii (2017 - 2019) to study Classical and Jazz 'ukulele with Dr. Byron Yasui, composer of the 1st 'ukulele concerto Campanella (performed only by Jake Shimabukuro) and a retired University of Hawaii Professor of Music of 38 years.


- First student to receive the Presser Award (most outstanding music major award, only given to (2) students, playing a non-classical instrument ('ukulele) while an undergraduate student.

- One of the musicians at TheUkuleleSite for Podcasts, Sound Samples, and Lessons alongside 'ukulele virtuoso's Kalei Gamiao and Corey Fujimoto.

- One of the musicians for sound samples at The Ukulele Friend with Shawn Yacavone. 

My Musical Background

Payment Options

Payment options will all be done through PayPal. Please set up a PayPal account prior to the start of lessons. Payments will be made prior to the start of lesson time. We will discuss details during our consultation meeting.


Free Consultation! 

I believe it is important to discuss your goals during this consultation meeting so that we are both on the same page. This will also allow me to better plan out how I can work more efficiently with you. This will be about a 15-20 minute session. 

1st Lesson:

After the consultation, we will begin our first lesson together. This session will help me plan out each future lesson, as well as figuring out how I can personalize each lesson for you. Due to these factors, the 1st session will be at a higher cost. The 1st session will also be one (1) hour. 

*1st session = $90

Future Individual Lessons: 

After our first lesson, we will work at your pace and desired length using a game plan I create. We can further discuss how I can be of the most help for you. At this time, you may select either a 30 minute or 60 minute time slot based on your preference. In addition, if you would like a longer lesson, then this can be accommodated as well. We will work out a specific time slot based on both of our availabilities. 


 *30mins = $40 

*60mins = $65

Pair Lessons:

1. Husband + Wife

2. Parent + Child

3. You + Friend

This option is for the above at a discounted rate! 

*30mins = $60 

*60mins = $100 

Discounted Package Rates for Lessons:

I can offer a discount if you would like to purchase multiple sessions upfront. Please inquire with me on details on this option :)