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Now Offering Private Zoom Lessons!

I'm excited to announce that I am taking in people for 'ukulele lessons! Please click below to read all of the details :)

"When it comes to the 'ukulele, no one knows what to expect from the tiny 4-string instrument. What the 'ukulele is doing now was unimaginable 10 years ago. Every day the 'ukulele is constantly evolving, redefining expectations, and increasing in popularity all over the world. With so many players from the current generation striving for the future of the 'ukulele, there will always be others choosing the road less traveled; revisiting the past. Welcome to my world of 'ukulele."

Latest News


NAMM 2019

Mika's Go To Products!

At the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, Mika got to meet the owners/reps of his favorite music gear. Here are two of brands Mika likes to use:

Analysis Plus Cables: for the highest quality of sound for instrument cables. I immediately noticed the difference in sound quality from switching cables. The sound is super well-balanced on the low and high ends, and produces a very crisp and clean sound. I always try to use my analysis plus cables wherever I perform as I immediately notice the difference in sound without it. Check out there website at:

Fusion Bags: for a comfortable, yet durable carrying bag for my Kamaka 'Ukulele. The bag is very light, yet it secures my 'ukulele very well. I want to make sure my bag protects my custom Kamaka extremely well, and Fusion Bags do just that. It also has so many pockets and compartments to hold all your other gear. It's perfect for my needs and the bag itself is also very nice! Check out there website at:

First Ever Classical 'Ukulele Recital 

Mika completes the first ever Classical 'Ukulele Recital performance at Orvis Auditorium in partial fulfillment for his Bachelors in Music Degree

On November 30, 2018, I performed at Orvis Auditorium at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was the first ever 'ukulele recital allowed by the music department, which put extremely high pressure and expectations on me! But I was grateful for the opportunity. It was a 45 minute performance (no breaks) consisting of 10 pieces total. Two of the pieces were by Bach (BWV 1007 & 846) and transcribed by John King. Seven of the pieces were specifically arranged by professor Dr. Byron Yasui, which included four different cultural standards. The final piece was a Beatle's arrangement by Jazz 'Ukulele Master Benny Chong. It was an unforgettable, yet very stressful performance. Thank you all who made it out to support!   

Mika Joins The Kamaka Team!

As of November 2017, Mika officially became an 'ukulele artist for Kamaka Hawai'i! Kamaka is known as one of the top 'ukulele brands in the world and is respected by many artists and musicians. Mika is extremely grateful to be recognized alongside many top 'ukulele players in the world that choose to play with Kamaka. Check out Mika's bio on the Kamaka Team website below, as well as the many other musicians that play Kamaka 'ukuleles. Also, check out the Kamaka Hawai'i website to learn more about their history and their 'ukuleles. 

'Ukulele Workshop at Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus

November 22, 2017

Kamaka Artists Mika Kane and Andrew Molina continued their journey on making their way around the 'ukulele classes throughout Maui. They stopped by Mika's alumni school, Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus. They visited Rama Camarillo's middle school 'ukulele classes, which ranged from beginners to advanced players. They talked to the students about following your passions and never giving up. They also played for the students and answered lots of questions. This visit was very nostalgic for Mika because this was the very place where he started his 'ukulele journey. Mika took Mr. Camarillo's 'Ukulele I class back in 8th grade, making Mr. Camarillo his very first 'ukulele teacher. Mr. Camarillo has invited Mika and Andrew to return for future visits in the coming years. 

'Ukulele Workshop

 'Iao Intermediate School

November 1, 2017


Kamaka Artists Mika Kane and Andrew Molina visited 'Iao Intermediate School's 'Ukulele classes. They performed duo songs such as Wipeout, Bodysurfing, and an original by Andrew titled "Surfing at Jaws". Organized by Mika's father and 'Ukulele Teacher Mike Rose, Mika & Andrew took the opportunity to talk to the kids about chasing your dreams and never giving up. Mika and Andrew also taught students various 'ukulele techniques as well as answer questions. Mika and Andrew will be returning to 'Iao School for future visits in the near future. 

Hawai'i State Foundation on the Culture and the Arts Grant Apprenticeship

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019

Mika met his 'ukulele professor, Dr. Byron Yasui, in the Fall semester of 2015 when he signed up for his 'ukulele ensemble class at UH Manoa. He would later go on to garner Dr. Yasui's respect and was subsequently taken under his wing as his private student. Mika and Dr. Yasui applied for the prestigious HSFCA Apprenticeship Grant so that Mika could further his musical studies under Dr. Yasui. Mika was awarded the scholarship in June 2017 and now has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study under Dr. Yasui for two years. Dr. Yasui plans to teach Mika a wide variety of subjects such as 'ukulele composition, arranging skills, advanced music theory, jazz improv, chord melodies, the Campanella style of playing (the hallmark of Dr. Yasui's arrangements), and further in-depth classical studies. Mika will be Dr. Yasui's first-ever private student studying with him on this level. 

'Ukulele Friend Showroom Live Recordings

With Shawn Yacavone

On January 24, 2017, Mika linked up with Shawn Yacavone, a 'ukulele collector/historian who owns a showroom in Kaimuki, O'ahu, where he collects custom and vintage 'ukuleles. Shawn has used Mika for various live recording sessions to capture the pure beauty of his custom and vintage 'ukuleles. These recordings are posted on various sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Shawn's 'Ukulele Friend Website. Check out Mika's latest videos with Shawn and his 'ukuleles via the links below!

Live Recordings

Old Soul


Mika has skillfully combined his study of classical music theory and various 'ukulele prodigies with his passion for an increasingly popular instrument. His first professionally-produced CD, Old Soul, spans several musical eras that people of all ages will enjoy. Support local artists and purchase a copy today!