Live Recordings 

All videos recorded live at the 'Ukulele Friend Showroom in Kaimuki, O'ahu by Shawn Yacavone


The Beatles​

Old Soul, Track 1

Arranged by Benny Chong

I fell in love with this arrangement of an all-time classic. With so many jazzy chords and chord melodies, it was hard not to take a stab at it. Truly a standard Beatles tune to know.

Bohemian Rhapsody


Old Soul, Track 6

Arranged by Jake Shimabukuro

When I first started out on the 'ukulele, this song stood out to me as one of the most challenging pieces that I just had to learn. One of the "Ukulele Standards" as noted by Jake, Bohemian Rhapsory is surely an unexpected piece to be played on an 'ukulele. 


Southern All-Stars

Old Soul, Track 3

Arranged by Herb Ohta Jr.

This is one of the very first songs that I saw Herb Ohta Jr. play and I immediately fell in love with the arrangement. Slow and melodic, this song exemplifies my playing style.

This Nearly Was Mine

Rodgers & Hammerstein

Old Soul, Track 6

Arranged by Dr. Byron Yasui

In the beginning of my studies with Dr. Yasui, this was the first song he gave to me to learn through sheet music. Because it was my first time learning strictly from sheet music, I consider this one of the more difficult songs to master. It will always hold a special place in my heart. 


The Beatles

Old Soul, Track 7

Arranged by Jake Shimabukuro & Mika Kane

One Saturday afternoon years ago, I saw a clip of Jake playing this beautiful arrangement of this classic George Harrison tune. What I love about this song is that it allows you to be very expressive with the melody, as I demonstrate in this recording. This song is one of my favorite Beatles tunes.

Kiss From A Rose


Old Soul, Track 5

Arranged by Kalei Gamiao

When I first heard Seal perform this song, it was so powerful and expressive. I knew it had to be in my repertoire.

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